About us

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Our Hamburg team

Our team in Hamburg, the longest-running HOTROD CITYTOUR® team worldwide—you could almost say the mother of all HOTROD CITYTOUR® teams—was trained by the company’s founders. It boasts enough driving experience to give you all the help you need.

First and foremost there’s Franz, managing director and co-founder of HOTROD CITYTOUR® Hamburg and the location’s frontman.

Not pictured is Florya, the friendly voice and kindly spirit of our office.

The boys and girls at the location don’t just show you how to handle a HotRod during the introduction. They’re also responsible for the administrative stuff, as well as for maintaining and servicing our HotRods.

They also good-naturedly answer questions from passers-by.

Time and again, they look for—and find—ways of varying the tour and special hot spots. This is what makes a HOTROD CITYTOUR® more than just a tour of the city. They test the routes over and over again so that they comply with all required safety precautions.